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About HiddenField


HiddenField was founded in 2015 by Adam and Stace following many years working together successfully building, delivering and supporting software projects for the military, police and UK Government.

We have a shared vision to build a software consultancy which not only builds great product, but does so with a focus on delivering value for our clients.

Building on our core approach of agile methods and cyber security awareness, HiddenField apply professional, secure and transparent working practices, engaging with stakeholders at all levels to facilitate success.

Our highly skilled team and network of partners ensure that HiddenField have the capability and scope to deliver  at scale, engaging and managing all elements of the project life cycle.





Our current hands on project aims to provide the integration libraries and application for The Cardano Foundation's ADA currency to interface their software wallet with Ledger's Nano S hardware wallet. Once interfaced, users will be able to have the added assurance that their digital cryptocurrency is protected in a tamper proof and secure hardware element.

We deployed our full suit of agile services for this project - Architecting; Product Owners; Project Managing; Developing; Testing; Documenting; and Deployment, alongside our strong expertise in security engineering.


The Royal Mint - RMG blockchain project

One of our ongoing projects, we provide delivery, test and security architectural services to a The Royal Mints' RMG blockchain project. As part of a global team, we were at the forefront of the successful production launch of  the blockchains MainNet in July 2017.  

We continue to support the project long term, whilst facilitating completed phases transition into service.


Ministry of Justice - HMCTS - Amido

Leading the Amido team tasked with delivering the identity management solution for the MoJ's HMCTS digital transformation program. Responsible for the application security architecture of the Identity Access Management solution, providing citizen and staff identity, verification, delegation and assurance to all other digital components in the HMCTS landscape.

Web services, Java Spring, and ForgeRock technologies formed the backbone of the solution.


Post Quantum

We worked with Post Quantum to deliver agile coaching and technical expertise across development and operations. We introduced agile processes to support and enable the team growth from Barclays tech stars graduates to a leader in quantum safe encryption and blockchain technology.



Provided full stack support to the MoD for their highly secure situational awareness and briefing platform, FieldOps.
Covering application and infrastructure support from the ground up, HiddenField ensured that this critical platform was monitored, maintained and available 24/7.


Who we are



Founder, technical lead, software architect and developer, Stace has over 10 years experience building scaled cyber solutions using agile delivery.

Stace’s expertise allows development teams and businesses to quickly pivot product development as they discover new challenges and user requirements.

Always learning, adapting and evolving; Stace leads the development shop at HiddenField with a pragmatic approach. Using his hands on experience to ensure working software makes it off the dev floor and out the front door, on time and to spec.


Founder and operational lead, Adam has 20 years of experience working in technical operations and delivery roles, across a wide range of industries including UK Government, finance and retail; delivering and supporting mission critical systems.

With his customer focused delivery experience, Adam brings a steady practical hand to the lifecycle of our projects.

Certified Scrum Master & Product Owner, Prince2 Practitioner and AgilePM Practitioner.



From back-end services to wearable, mobile and web applications, David covers the full stack. His experience spans a broad range of industry including UK Government, education, retail and ISPs. 

David brings his excellent engineering skills to our projects as well as maintaining regular contributions to open source repositiries.


Katie sets the standard of testing high for HiddenField. With a passion to capture and chase the detail, she helps drive up high quality results within our projects.

Katie's diligent and consistent approach delivers high value output to our technical and product teams.



Jessica has 20 years of cross industry experience within sales, marketing and event management.

A seasoned professional with great project management skills and customer relations expertise, Jessica plays an essential role in keeping HiddenField functioning seamlessly.



Interested in joining HiddenField?
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